Camp Details

Daily Activities

Opening Hour

  • The kids kick off the day with a lively physical and vocal warm-up.
  • We chat about the daily theme and share announcements including the lunchtime activity.
  • During the first week of camp, the majority of the hour is spent working on songs that will be performed in the final production. 
  • As the weeks progress, the opening hour becomes more of an ensemble production time lead by the drama specialist blocking and shaping the final production.

Breakout Sessions

  • After morning break campers assemble into their age groups and, accompanied by their S*FAB counselors, head off to class.
  • Each day, they rotate through 40-60 minute classes that provide instruction in the four art disciplines: music, drama, movement and art. 
  • Special care is taken to develop the skills and talents of each participant, using engaging age-appropriate materials and methodologies.

Lunch & Snack Breaks

  • There are daily morning and afternoon snack breaks.
  • Lunch and break times are held outdoors, allowing the campers to play kickball or Frisbee and four square.
  • Summer Fun asks each participant to supply his or her own morning snack and contribute group snacks once for the afternoon snack break.
  • Every camper is asked to provide his or her own lunch. 

Show Day

  • The last two days of camp take place at the theater for rehearsals
  • Location will be announced in February
  • The final performance is on Friday at  7pm on the last day of camp
  • Everyone is welcome!

Happy Camper Testimonials

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